OurGoodBrands Directory

OurGoodBrands Directory is the largest ethical multi-category brand directory with social + eco impact enterprises from all over the world. 



This directory brings a curated selection of companies to include categories like sustainable fashion, such as clothing, underwear, swimwear, activewear, shoes, jewellery, handbags and other accessories. Ethically-made toys, sustainable food and beverage, ethical technology, sustainable pets products. Sustainably-made home and decoration, kitchen goods, eco-friendly cleaning products. Also natural health products, clean beauty brands, bathroom goods and organic baby care products. Eco-travel related platforms and other services that support a more ethical and eco-conscious way of living. 

The brands listed at OurGoodBrands Directory align with either the ethical, sustainable and eco-friendly, and fair trade employment, meeting the social, ethical and environmental standards defined in the OurGoodBrands Directory Code of Conduct.


What is OurGoodBrands Directory?

OurGoodBrands Directory is the largest ethical brand directory with social + eco impact enterprises listed across a range of categories: Men’s Apparel, Women’s Apparel, Swimwear, Underwear, Activewear & Sports, Shoes, Jewelry, Fashion Accessories, Kids & Baby Clothes, Toys, Food & Drinks, Technology, Pets, Travel, Beauty, Baby Care, Health, Home & Deco and Consumer Services.

What makes OurGoodBrands Directory different from other brand directories?

OurGoodBrands Directory only lists brands that are aligned with either the ethical, sustainable and eco-friendly, and fair trade standards, meeting the social, ethical and environmental standards (Read Code of Conduct).

OurGoodBrands Mission

We believe there can be a better way of making business, as well as a more sustainable way of living. 

We believe in the impact of the small: the small brands, and also the individuals who can make a more positive impact with their daily purchase decisions. 

We believe people should be paid fairly for their work regardless of where in the world you live. 

We truly believe in the use of more eco-friendly materials and natural ingredients that do not harm our health or the environment. 

Is the OurGoodBrands Directory service for free?

Yes, it is. It could not be otherwise! 

We are on a mission to uplift small businesses with ethical values and eco+social standards, to build a new form of economy that reconciles Planet + People + Profit for a positive impact. 

This can only happen with consumers appreciating and accessing tools that support their sustainable living journey. Therefore this OurGoodBrands directory is delivered at completely free of cost, for both brands + consumers. No small prints, truly just FOR FREE.

What are the requirements for a brand to get listed?

Every brand listed has been reviewed by OurGoodBrands team, as we look for a combination of values that align with your ethical purchase decisions. 

The list companies combines brands and products across a large variety if categories, therefore we have labeled each brand with some commonly recognised labels: Eco-friendly, Fair-trade, Locally made, Handcrafted, Sustainable materials, Recycled, Zero Waste, Vegan, Cruelty-Free, Social Justice, Give Back. (Read Code of Conduct).

When you look up sustainable brands, you will be able to filter each of these ethical values, depending on what matters the most to you. Furthermore, inside of each brand’s listing you will find information on their certifications and other social+eco values.

Who controls the compliance of the brand information with OurGoodBrands ethical criteria?

OurGoodBrands team has carefully collected & reviewed all the content displayed publicly for each brand based on the information available in their official online channels (website, social media). We have individually selected each brand to offer consumers like you, an easy-to-find range of ethically-made, sustainable and social conscious brands for each category we could possibly think of.

Your opinion matters, therefore we highly encourage you to contact us if you are in love with an ethical, eco or social conscious brand that we should have included. Also, contact us if you find any of these brands should be considered removed from OurGoodBrands Directory listing due to false information. We aim to build this for and with our community of change-makers!

If you are the owner of the brand listed, please contact us and we will provide you with details to keep the business profile as updated as possible so that our users can rely on honest and valuable information at all times.

You can report fraud, competition or trademark infringements immediately to hello@ourgoodbrands.com so that they can be dealt with.

How is the information updated?

The brand submission is allowed by the brand owners or assigned team members. Once we receive it we will review and approve or communicate you any content edit suggestions, as well as verify any information.



My brand is already published, how can I update?

If your brand profile already been published by us, kindly email us at directory@ourgoodbrands.com with the email account address you wish to use to manage your listing. We will respond within 48 hours with the next steps on how to reset your password so that you can gain full control over your listing!

Who is allowed to submit a brand?

We accept brands based from all over the world across all categories in the ethical and sustainable niche. We believe that goodness has no borders and we always work towards our goals of inclusivity and social and environmental justice. 

How can I submit my brand?

Please submit your brand through our online submission form. Once received, OurGoodBrands team will review and respond within a period of 5 business days