About Brand

99th Monkey (formerly The Nutty Monkey Company) makes Australia's finest nut butters using all ethically sourced, minimally processed ingredients.
In the product range you’ll find peanut butter, almond butter, hazelnut cacao, pistachio and other combinations but keeping the main raw source at it’s purest state. Its GMO free, vegan, without palm oil and gluten free. Besides tasting delicious, their values are simple: spread joy, keep it simple, always irrepressible.
Furthermore, the brand is taking steps to become more sustainable by working with an independent auditor to calculate exactly what their carbon footprint is and figuring out ways to reduce it. From production of the raw materials and packaging, the use of electricity to team’s daily commute to work. Putting all these numbers together, 99th Monkey has purchased carbon offsets from With One Seed (an organisation that runs a tree planting program). For every kilogram of nut butter sold, the company offsets an additional kilogram of carbon, making 99th Monkey a carbon neutral business.

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