About Brand

The journey began in 2015 with a t-shirt, a Bear and an idea - that a clothing brand could help reconnect urbanites with nature. The brand believes in designing clothing based around sustainability is one important way we can reconnect every day with the natural world we love.
With the idea that we all need nature in our lives to thrive, because the benefits to our bodies and minds are well, BEAR-sized. So, they chose the Bear, a talisman of the natural world, to connect a generation of urban living city folk with their roots, in nature.
The goal at Absolutely Bear is to help protect the planet we love. That is why they are members of the 1% for the Planet movement and commit to giving 1% of our gross annual earnings to vetted environmental non-profits who exist - to protect the planet.
From Bear HQ in London, every decision made is based on the level of impact that choice will have on nature, people and the planet – whilst making sure never to stray from our design principles of sustainability and style.
Everything comes back to the Bear. A symbol that represents a generation that cares.

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