About Brand

Adnams is famous for its beers, wonderful wines, hand-crafted spirits, brought to you since 1872. For many years they’ve been committed to running the business in a responsible and sustainable way: from selecting suppliers to work with, through to the ingredients, to reducing their carbon footprint.
Adnams has their very own beekeeper, Steve, who looks after around half a million bees at their environmentally-friendly distribution centre at Reydon - encouraging wildflowers to grow.
Reducing energy and water consumption are key areas, with ongoing carbon and water life-cycle assessments; in this sense, the business looks up its own emissions and also work with suppliers to help reduce the overall carbon footprint every year.
Adnams also brings the concept ‘zero to landfill’, as much of the brewery and distillery waste is diverted either to cattle feed or sent to an anaerobic digester to be turned into energy. Finally, the brand is working on packaging improvements, having previous light-weighted the glass bottles by -38%

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