About Brand

Akola means “she works” in Uganda and this says everything about the company. Akola is a brand created by women who hire Ugandan women to create their jewelry.
Providing life-changing job opportunities for women “who have been forgotten; who have nothing, but give everything.” Today they employ nearly 200 women in Uganda to make each piece of Akola jewelry through vertically integrated manufacturing.
The ultimate goal is to empower women by helping them own their property or land, keep their kids in school, gain the skills to generate additional income, and operate as a leader in her community. Akola creates jobs that help women rebuild inner confidence, strength, and the determination to realize their full potential.
Besides creating beautiful designs to lift up and champion women around the world, the brand uses natural and recycled materials such as horn, glass, raffia and more. Akola is achieving their goals by helping the poorest people to support their families whilst creating beautiful pieces of jewelry, without harming the planet. Akola jewelry is meant for women who want to make a difference.

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