About Brand

At Al-Ameen Royal Honey they are strong believers in the unrivalled benefits provided by Raw and Organic Honey. That's why they strive to deliver our products as good as nature intended- nothing removed, nothing added, maintaining its fresh distinctive taste, full of its natural goodness.
Al-Ameen Organic Raw Honey is renowned for its 100% purity and exquisite taste. Honey is an excellent super food that can help with a multitude of ailments.
Al-Ameen works in harmony with the bees that provide us with this miraculous Super Food. Ethically sourced from the most pristine and breath-taking locations around the world. Each variety of Al-Ameen Royal Honey comes from a single source; not to mention their beekeepers have secured sites in some of the most breath taking locations of the world.
Al-Ameen range of honeys are in full conformity with the conditions and regulations for the Organic farming sector, established by the European Union.

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