About Brand

Exclusive leather goods and accessories, handmade and ecologically sustainable produced in Germany. This is what the Alexandra Svendsen brand stands for.
Every element of the puristic h-elegant handbags by designer Alexandra Svendsen such as yarn, lining, zippers and, above all, the vegetable-tanned cowhide come from traditional German companies.
In this sense, the brand only partners with country-based producers to ensure the preservation of the knowledge of traditional, centuries-old craft culture and to show the high quality of the handmade accessories.
As for the leather, Alexandra Svendsen only uses cowhide that has been certified several times and rated by IVN and ECARF as particularly environmentally and allergy-friendly. The material comes from cattle from family farms in the German foothills of the Alps and is a remnant of meat production. As conventional chrome tanning pollutes the wastewater, therefore their leather is tanned in Germany with vegetable tanning agents such as tara, valonea and rhubarb and then dyed free of heavy metals.

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