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AllPlants is a food brand of chef-made frozen vegan-ish meals, delivered at home, for a delicious, nutritious and colorful a plant-based diet.
AllPlants was founded by brothers JP and Alex on a mission to inspire and empower more plants, onto more plates worldwide.By focussing on taste and flavour, we aim to take plant-based eating mainstream, helping the world towards a healthier, more sustainable environment with no compromise on pleasure.
After switching to a totally plant-based diet in late 2015, brothers JP & Alex had plans to launch a totally plant-based restaurant. They ran a series of Supperclubs to get started and their plant-powered meals were so popular that diners were taking their favourite dishes home.That sparked the idea: instead of opening up locally, they launched a nationwide restaurant, delivering prepared plant-powered meals to enjoy at home.
Better still, being frozen and served in the right quantities contributes to less food waste. Also, all the packaging is 100% recyclable, partly compostable and mostly reusable.
Choose your meals, you can build your perfect box of 6 meals, which will come delivered frozen, ready to heat up in minutes.
Every meal is hand prepared with love, balanced by nutritionists and designed for you. They deliver flavourful and filling meals packed with vegetables, fruits and nuts.

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