About Brand

Ami Amalia creates pieces of luxury knitwear made using natural and exquisite yarns with love and responsibility for all the people and resources involved throughout the process.
These colourful slow made pieces aren’t made based on their seasonal popularity, but covering colours that will suit customers from various personal colour analysis seasons. It’s knitwear to look good, and last, year after year.
Ami Amalia is a brand built on transparency with regards to its ethical use of resources. Working in partnership with our customers in an industry dominated by large corporations, Ami Amalia sends a message: ethical consumers exist, and in partnership with ethical businesses, the process of producing and consuming textile can be improved.
The story of the knitwear they produce starts with the yarns; the most essential component of knitwear to get right. When the desired colours are not available, the brand gets the yarns custom dyed. “We might be a small business in an ocean of textile manufacturers, but the yarns we use set us apart and allow us to confidently say that we produce luxury knitwear; luxury that is not being dictated by the retail price of our clothes, but by the individuality and quality of the resources we use.”
The brand partners with yarn manufacturers that have responsible business models and show resource stewardship, produce zero environmentally toxic discharges, follow and join traceability and sustainability programs.

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