About Brand

Antipodes has found the answer to anti-ageing in New Zealand nature, by carefully select bioactive native plant extracts to create skincare products that are scientifically and clinically shown to help promote youthful skin.
Antipodes is a Scientifically Validated Organic Beauty brand with a skincare range also features nutrient-rich avocado oil and their key products are scientifically shown to promote the production of elastic, Type I and Type III collagen at a cellular level*.
The brand's green beauty ethos is based on full traceability of ingredients from sustainably cultivated plants, local productions and recyclable packaging.
Antipodes has been doing that since day one, reaching into our own pristine New Zealand backyard for premium, skin-enhancing ingredients that are sustainably sourced and grown in the fertile, pollution-free air of the Southern Hemisphere’s orchards and vineyards.
Antipodes is strong on limiting human exposure to synthetic chemicals and limiting human effect on the environment, so we're certified organic with a light carbon footprint.

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