About Brand

Arraie Collective is a sustainable chic capsule clothing collection for the eco-aware woman, ethically made with love and organic hand woven hemp. Also sustainable fabrics like linen and organic cotton.
Arraei is a mosaic of feminine bohême pieces made with all natural fibres. A collection for the conscious woman, inspired by the harmony that exists in nature. The consciousness of this brand is beautifully written in Arraie's Manifesto:
"Enlightened by effortless tones and textures that reflect the diversity of our land - We aspire for a future where both the planet and the people bountifully prosper. We are dedicated to a thoughtful slow process through our radical commitment to sustainability. As voices for the planet, we create timeless heirloom pieces that can be worn for years to come, minimizing waste and prioritizing the wellbeing of all."
"Our garments mirror authentic feminine embodiment - for whatever that may uniquely signify for you. Guided by the alluring palette of the unfiltered world, we envision a reality where you're celebrated just as you are. We hope to find depth wherever we may stand as we awaken a more connected soulful way of life. Each design is curated to bring joy to its wearer - a tribute to all cosmic identities, all beliefs and all truths."

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