About Brand

Aunt Flow is a social enterprise made for people helping people period. It's the most efficient solution to provide organic menstrual products for free to employees, students, and guests.
The story with Aunt Flow started when Claire got her period unexpectedly in public without the supplies I needed. As you can imagine, after that she went on a mission to ensure EVERYONE had access to quality menstrual products.
The social enterprise now stocks over 500 companies and schools with freely accessible menstrual products. For every 10 organic tampons and pads, Aunt Flow sells, they donate 1 to a menstruator in need. The company calls these people helping people. PERIOD.®
So far, they have donated over 500,000 menstrual products to menstruators in need in the USA. Join the movement and get Aunt Flow, because you can buy them to use at home.

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