About Brand

Awake Concept is a collective of French designers who are transforming today's consumption by imagining the objects of tomorrow by creating watches with the lowest environmental impact of the entire watch industry.
Each model combines recycled materials and sustainable energy. From circular and regenerative resources, their watches are made from recycled materials and run on solar energy. No maintenance. No batteries. No waste. Maximum style for minimum impact.
AWAKE is a young native French digital native brand organized as a collective of creatives and committed designers, whose desire is to rethink the model of consumption by imagining the objects and interactions of a new, more respectful and more sustainable world.
In 2019, during the G7 summit in Biarritz, they developed the first watch in the world made from recycled fishing nets. Since its creation, the brand has focused its efforts on responsible innovation with to raise awareness and offer concrete alternatives.
The name, AWAKE, reflects this necessary awakening in the face of the importance of current climate issues.

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