About Brand

Baliboo is an eco-friendly brand that brings you natural alternatives to plastic: bamboo straws, coconut bowls, bamboo cutlery, bamboo toothbrush, bamboo cotton swabs, activated bamboo charcoal, and home decor.
The brand’s mission is to help eradicate single-use plastic waste from our planet while creating a real positive impact that improves the lives of those that need it most. That is why the brand has set up the #TheEarthSaysThanks project, in which they give away thousands of bamboo straws every month to local restaurants in Bali who can’t afford to go green.
Bali Boo we work closely with local communities by creating opportunities for those that need them most. To preserve the traditional handicrafts that have been around for centuries and that are unfortunately starting to be forgotten by newer generations. The founders actively seek to employ mostly women, and purposefully work with women-led organizations, because the weight of their households normally relies on them. By empowering women, Bali Boo impulses the community around them too. All this is done to create beautiful products that will create an local and global impact. So that our planet can remain healthy, and the people in it happy.
In this sense, Bali Boo does not allow any type of inequality, discrimination, child labor or unfair practices to take place during the production of any of our products. They actively supervise all of our partners and suppliers to make sure this is enforced in their workplaces.
From impulsing education programs to collaborating with advocacy organizations, this brand goes the extra sustainable mile.

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