About Brand

Balmonds Skincare produce a range of natural skin care products especially formulated for those with sensitive skin, allergies, eczema and psoriasis.
Balmonds was founded by a mother trying to find a safe and effective way to manage her daughter's chronic skin condition. Having exhausted all treatments, conventional and alternative, she took matters into her own hands and formulated a natural moisturising salve in her own kitchen. Within a matter of days her daughter's skin and their lives were totally transformed. Now her natural balms, oils and creams are sold worldwide, improving the lives of people of people with dry, sensitive or allergy-prone skin.
The brand is committed to making their ingredient lists as clear and comprehensible as possible. In that sense, Balmonds only use an ingredient if it is essential to the effectiveness of the product; of course, without synthetic fragrances, petrochemicals or colours, only organic and locally-sourced ingredients wherever possible.
All of Balmonds products are suitable for use for anyone; adults, children and babies alike. They can all be applied anywhere on the body; on face, scalp, hands and delicate areas of the body.

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