About Brand

Barking Heads and Meowing Heads is a natural dry and wet dog and cat food range that is deliciously yummy natural and of the best quality, with only all-natural healthy ingredients.
At Barking Heads and Meowing Heads, they are determined to empower pet parents with better knowledge, better options and better ingredients, because we know that shelves of pet food can be confusing, bland and nutritionally-meh.
The serious bit - Barking and Meowing Heads range of pet foods. The brand believes when creating a food, the very best pet food, you can only use the very best ingredients, without adding any flavour enhancers, colourings, chemical additives, preservatives or use any GM products. Instead, in their recipes you'll find lots of tasty chicken (up to 55%), garden veggies and fruit, healthy oils, vitamins and minerals, tasty herbs and seasoning.

Ethical Values
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