About Brand

Raw. Rare. Real. This is Beauty and Bees, and eco-friendly hair and skincare brand using all-natural ingredients sourced from Tasmania’s mountains, seas, farms & rainforests.
All Beauty and the Bees hair and skincare products are built on 3 foundations:
Raw: natural ingredients from the apiaries, beaches, dairies, forests and farms of australia’s wild island of Tasmania.
Rare: leatherwood honey and beeswax found only in the ancient rainforests along Tasmania’s wild west coast.
Real: with ingredients, people, and commitment towards this Australian Island’s environment and economy.
The story of Beauty and the Bees is really the story of founder Jill Saunders, her passion for skincare made by hand from pure Tassie ingredients, and the skills, wisdom and commitment of the team she’s assembled over the years.
Beauty and Bees brings cruelty-free hair and skincare products that are made by hand from nutrient-rich Tasmanian fruits, berries, seaweed, hops, olive oil, honey and herbs, all from local sources, and packed with powerful essential oils.
Beauty and Bees products are long lasting because they’re dense with real ingredients, not water! Also the it’s is free of dangerous chemicals, synthetic fragrances, artificial colors, irritating preservatives and more, making them better for people with sensitive skin and skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis.
The products are packaged in recycled materials with minimal plastic (since 1993, the brand has saved over 3 million plastic bottles from ending up in Australia’s landfills).

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