About Brand

Beya Made, an evolutive clothing line, makes clothes that grow for baby + toddler clothes. Don’t worry, you don’t need to water them. Instead, they are designed to fit three times longer. With an ingenious design that lets you adjust each item and unfold or unclip as your child grows taller. They are soft and gorgeous.
Ethically made, the fabrics used come from apparel manufacturers who have milled more than they need, and the brand only buys a yard or three at a time. Therefore, BeyaMade pieces are extremely limited edition, and sometimes one of a kind. They are truly made to last --they can be passed on to siblings, friends or future generations.
Beya Made offers a very complete line. Rompers, pants, dresses and shoes. It’s a one-stop shop for beautiful and smart kids’ apparel. The entire line is made in USA, sweatshop-free.

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