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Discover Heirloom Chocolate from Madagascar and Single Origin Chocolate from Uganda. It better taste amazing - it took 6,000 years to make! Madagascar’s cocoa crop has a heavy presence of criollo cocoa, earth’s original and most flavourful variety of cocoa. This rare heirloom variety is used in less than 3% of the world’s chocolate.
The brand is working to redefine sustainability in the world of chocolate. For Beyond Good, “Fair Trade” wasn’t fair enough. So they set up to work directly with over 100 cocoa farmers in Madagascar, helping them grow premium cocoa and earn considerably more money for it (so much so that some of them now have pick-up trucks).
The typical chocolate supply chain usually has anywhere from 3-5 middlemen sitting between the cocoa farmer and the chocolate maker; Beyond Good supply chain has zero middlemen. Not just good; beyond good - it is chocolate made right!

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