About Brand

BioGlitz connects through shine, consideration, and respect for the love of nature with plastic free glitter.
Regular glitter is made from polyester which is harmful for our bodies and the environment. These microplastics NEVER degrade. Instead, BioGlitz is comprised of a plant based formula derived from the pulp fibers of eucalyptus trees. The trees used to create their biodegradable film are all sourced from The Forest Stewardship Council Certified suppliers. The FSC sets standards for responsible forest management and protects forests for future generations.
Bioglitz is GMO free which means that it’s safe for your face and body. Also, it’s FDA approved for cosmetic biodegradable glitter and does not test on animals.
The brand believes environmental consciousness drives self-decor, and they aim to knock down boundaries, preconceived notions of normality, and fuel acceptance. And you... shine responsibly, choose BioGlitz.

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