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For years the Founder and CEO of Black Chicken Remedies, Chey Birch suffered from irritated skin and sinus issues but nothing she used healed her symptoms. After seeing a naturopath for advice, she suggested that Chey take a good look at her life and the toxins she was unknowingly consuming.

So, in the year 2000, whilst living in Bondi, Chey did exactly that. It wasn’t until she looked at her skincare – soaps, cleansers, scrubs etc. – was she truly horrified. The ingredients in these products were synthetic and borderline toxic – and yet here she was lathering herself with these chemicals every day.

After studying Aromatherapy Chey created Love Your Body Oil first, as she swims in the ocean daily and was searching for a hydrating body oil that was calming, with a luxurious aroma and toxin-free to alleviate her sinus and skin issues but was unable to locate one on the market. This lead Chey to start blending oils and botanical extracts in a little bowl with a black chicken painted on it; she didn’t spare any expense in the formula.

By eliminating all the harmful skincare products out of her home and using only her skincare formulations, Chey noticed her sinus headaches gradually disappearing and her skin returning to a healthy, hydrated, supple state. Her friends noticed the incredible difference in her too and soon she was inundated with requests.

It wasn’t long before Selfridges in the UK and beauty therapists in Sydney were stocking Love Your Body Oil. Black Chicken Remedies was officially born!

At the time Chey had no idea what she was creating would benefit thousands of people, but over the years Black Chicken Remedies has largely expanded their range with further plans to expand into the future. To this day, Chey continues to fulfil her promise to use the highest quality essential oils and make products that are toxin-free and to be transparent with ingredients used in every product.

The Love Your Body Oil formula has remained unchanged since it was created. Chey is the formulator of every product in the Black Chicken Remedies range. Working with her Australian team, she is obsessed with finding remedies to support wellness and recovery. Most days you will find Chey at her happiest in her lab working to create yet another skincare remedy, or in the ocean talking to the fish and rejuvenating her soul!

Black Chicken Remedies are focused on educating and developing functional skincare solutions that are congruent with the philosophy of using Mother Nature as our pharmacy where what we use on our body is recognised by the body as a food not a toxin.

Black Chicken Remedies don’t make products with the intention to look, smell or feel good; they’re created to make a difference on a physical, mental and emotional level.

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