About Brand

BLACK MOON is a luxe accessory brand that was born out of the desire to create beauty, consciously. It’s Australian made with New Zealand leather.
The brand stocks the leather from ANZCO group, which has a comprehensive animal welfare guideline that farmers need to adhere. New Zealand cows are also known for their high-quality skins, due to favourable seasons, ethical farming practices and quality pastures.
Kangaroo lace is weaved into the finished bags. The Kangaroo leather comes from northern NSW farms, and is then veg tanned locally in a Sydney tannery. This gives full control to the tannery for the entire process. Water-based products are used during tanning so that no volatile organic compounds are emitted into the atmosphere.
The factory that makes BLACK MOON’s luxury handbags was established in the mid 1980s by a husband-and-wife team in Melbourne, Australia. Together they have 40 valuable years of experience in the leather industry crafting handbags, benefiting of fair trade wages and safety standards.

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