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Bogobrush is a biodegradable toothbrush made from waste. And it's compostable, recyclable, plus gives back to people and the planet.
The biodegradable Bogobrush uses a plant-based bioplastic mixed with leftover plant material from American farms to create this beautifully biodegradable toothbrush handle. Throw them in your compost pile after they wear out – from the earth and back again.
If you are not into composting, these brushes can easily be recycled when it is time to say goodbye. Bogobrush is the first toothbrush you'll actually care about. It's beautiful, ecological, buy one give one, and made entirely in the USA.
Bogobrush also gives back. This eco-friendly toothbrush supports a few causes, either donating toothbrushes, cleaning neighbourhoods, planting trees, supporting low and no-cost health clinics across the US.

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