About Brand

Boll & Branch is a line of home goods that focuses on transparency and social impact.
Ethics and quality are just two of the three tenets Boll & Branch cares deeply about - the third is thoughtful design. The brand carefully designs of all its products to ensure they're not just comfortable, but also beautiful and versatile. In the range you’ll find organic sheets, bath towels & home fabrics decoration, like blankets
From day one, Boll & Branch has engaged the supply chain and this impact brand cares about the materials as much as for the people who grows the cotton and makes the products. Organic is, in fact, a non-negotiable foundation for their business. By choosing to use 100% organic cotton from ever since started, the brand has helped pave the way for a better life for tens of thousands of cotton farmers in India.
The brand has also committed to use organic cotton as it saves 90% of the water used in conventional farming methods (only in 2018 saved 592,923,320 gallons of water). To date, Boll & Branch paid nearly $500,000 in additional wages to farmers and factory workers to sustain living wages. In their impact report states that in 2020 the brand bought 2.4 million pounds of Fair Trade seed cotton, helping keep 12,800 farmers out of debt. Futhermore, Boll & Branch also gives back to the non-profit Not for Sale fighting against human trafficking. All this helps us sleep better at night!

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