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BottlesUp reusable glass water bottles are a simple proposition: glass instead of plastic. It makes sense from any angle. It's healthier. It's aesthetically pleasing. It's just plain smart.
Their sturdy reusable glass bottles are beautiful. They're made from 75% recycled glass sourced on-site. They're carefully designed and are handcrafted using ancient techniques in a modern facility in Mexico, the bottles are enhanced by colorful food-grade silicone caps and grippers made in Maine.
Glass is the purest and healthiest material to use for beverages. BottlesUp’s bottles are free of all known toxins including Bisphenol-A (BPA), phthalates, Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), and polycarbonates that research has shown can compromise human health.
Designed with your hand in mind – the midsection taper and silicon rings provide “gription” allowing an easy, comfortable grasp of the bottle. Each bottle has a wide mouth and a comfortable rounded lip, so they’re easy to drink from and easy to clean and refill. For convenience, the bottle easily fits into most car cup holders.
Every BottlesUp glass water bottle is delivered in environmentally-responsible and minimal packaging that can easily be recycled. There is no plastic in the product or the packaging, a commitment to both health and the environment that the company takes seriously. This dedication to creating a truly green product results in BottlesUp glass water bottle having the lowest carbon footprint in the industry.

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