About Brand

Callaly is a tampliner brand. So is this exactly a tampon, or a padded liner? Or is it both? the BCorp Certified Callaly takes an innovative approach to shake things up in period land.
The Callaly Tampliner combines a high-quality organic tampon with a soft mini-liner that folds in half between your labia, stopping leaks and the need for another non-biodegradable pad. The tampliner was invented by a gynaecologist to make periods easier.
The products are made out of soft organic cotton so that they are gentle on your body and the planet; with no nasties which means it's free from dioxins, dyes, pesticides and fragrances.
The Tampliner is 100% organic and 95% biodegradable – working towards that 100%) – and everything is sent through the post when you need it, in cardboard packaging.
Callaly is proof that everything can be redesigned to help us reduce waste – you just need some imagination. Check out Callaly tailored boxes of organic period products delivered through your door.

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