About Brand

Capsule is an exploration in modern design and future retail. Translating a personal vision through a careful selection of local and international artisans.
Capsule is promoting the art of the handmade, where products that does not lose its ties with tradition, because it is based on the solid values of natural materials and ancient craftsmanship.
These shoes are made in Moroccan raffia, Spanish leather and recycled natural materials. Raffia is a fiber obtained from an African palm known as Raphia which is very resistant and flexible. The recycled materials with which the sole is made come from pressed biodegradable materials. We make them in different thicknesses to get a sole that provides the best comfort.
The savage is a type of leather is characterised by its lightness and without extra treatments which make it more delicate, the color changes with the time, emphasizing its natural details. All leather used comes from alimentary cows, meaning their meat is used for human consumption; the brand never uses leather from cows that are only used to get the leather and its meat is discarded. The leather tanning process uses chrome yet follows strict ethical and fair trade standards to ensure the safety of the workers.
The metallic details are sourced them from Spain and made in brass gold-plated, all of them are nickel and lead free.

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