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The Cardboard Teck Instantute’s PinBox 3000 is a cardboard customizable tabletop pinball machine kit. This toy helps children to engage with their inner maker with the pinball machine entirely built and customized by them!
The PinBox 3000 Pinball Kit includes everything you need to build your own game, design your own adventure, and play any way you want. And the main material is cardboard!
An innovative and accessible design allows for multiple levels of participation. To build the PinBox 3000 is to master its functionality, which in turn builds confidence, multiplying the possibilities when it’s time to design your unique, custom play boards. The open platform gives educators the opportunity to enhance classroom content into playable dioramas.
Cardboard Teck Instantute is a think tank devoted to the creation and development of products and experiences that emphasize the versatility, durability, and accessibility of cardboard. CTI emerges from the remnants of an overgrown shipping and packaging industry, pulling out interdisciplinary and interactive performances and products. Based in Burlington Vermont, the Cardboard Teck Instantute has been disrupting the waste stream since 2006.
The PinBox 3000 invites the maker and educational market to experience tactile engagement, kinetic play, art, design, and STEM-based learning opportunities via our cardboard tabletop pinball machine kit.

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