About Brand

CARCEL is a sustainable clothing brand made from natural & ethically sourced materials produced in limited quantities to eliminate overproduction.
All CARCEL styles are made by women who are serving sentences in prisons in Peru and Thailand. The brand manages its own production sites within these prisons and their employees opt in voluntarily in exchange for fair wages and training. Employees are mostly single mothers incarcerated for nonviolent, poverty-related crimes. Training and wages give them tools to reconnect with their families outside and remap their future. Their employees share their knowledge and craftsmanship with us: every piece of CARCEL clothing is signed by its maker.
The brand genuinely believes in season-less dressing, in the value of beautifully made timeless essentials that last beyond this trend or that. CARCEL prioritizes long-lasting quality and are drawn to the notion of stripping down and simplifying – in life, and in our wardrobes.
CARCEL sources natural and sustainable materials local to the region of production. Their knits are made from extra luxurious baby alpaca wool from the Andes mountains, from the Huacaya alpaca, a breed that has the thickest and softest wool. They use old-school analogue knitting machines that produce less waste than giant industrial versions. The silk is mainly sourced from Thailand, which carries rich traditions in hand-weaved silk.
By operating our own workshops we can adjust to demand in real-time. That means production in smaller batches, reducing dead stock and avoiding wasteful overproduction. We will never put our products on sale - but are firmly believe that quality maintains its value, no matter what month it is.
CARCEL believes in radical transparency is the way forward in order to continuously educate themselves, improve their practices and help move the general industry forward. For transparency you’ll be able to read a break-down of the brand’s practices, prices, wages and costs.

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