About Brand

CASS is a womenswear brand made to last beyond time and trends, minimalist and timeless, luxurious vegan materials, ethically made-to-order by tailors. The collections are sustainable, vegan and minimalist.
CASS was founded in 2017 by French designer Eléonore Cass with the desire to create meaningful, bold and timeless fashion pieces. The brand’s ethos & business practices are simple: they are respectful of people, the earth and animals at every single stage.
Each piece is carefully crafted by a tailor so that it has all the attention it deserves. Because their highly-skilled tailors make a whole item from start to finish, therefore the brand is able to deliver incredible quality and finishing and create luxurious vegan pieces while tracing back exactly who made.
All the materials used are of natural origin, recyclable, biodegradable and/or compostable. They are chosen because they are processed without any chemicals or with a lot less chemicals compared to conventional fabrics. CASS uses certified organic materials and low-impact dyes whenever possible to reduce to the maximum the amount of pesticides and chemicals in the environment and on your skin. We strive to use fabrics that are derived from natural renewable resources, are fast-growing, economical in water usage and need no pesticides.
The brand also keeps all the packaging bare and minimal - everything that we use is recycled and recyclable. CASS created up-cycled and reusable garment bags to ship their orders with pieces of leftover fabrics that would otherwise go to waste. When you open the box you’ll find no to tissue papers, stickers, catalogues & plastic wrappings… Truly trying their best to be a zero-waste and plastic-free company.

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