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Striving to become sustainable is an ongoing and conscious endeavor for our brand. But what does being sustainable mean?

To us it’s about reviewing how our behaviors and actions affect the planet we live in and making changes where we can that positively influence and strengthen our position as custodians of this planet for our children.
Naturally sourced.
Where possible we favour completely non toxic raw natural materials. Carbon, Hydrogen and oxygen to make silicone and sand/silica to make glass. Where these materials are not practical we ensure any plastics we use are tested to the highest European and Australian standards with most of our rigorous testing being completed by independent labs SGS and Bureau Veritas. Both are amongst the most established and trusted labs in the world.
Innovating responsibly.
Designing with purpose and being mindful of the products lifecycle is a key part of our process. It’s why our glass bottle and storage series are designed to grow and develop with baby and beyond so it stays useful, to be kept forever.

Where our products have a limited lifespan we ensure they can be recycled or repurposed with little effort.

Being mindful of how our products and our operations effect our planet is something we feel we owe, not just to you, our customer, but our customers kids and our kids too! Cherub Baby purchases carbon credits from Greenfleet Australia in a bid to offset any carbon emissions we produce from our general operations. We are proud to be involved in their initiative that has planted over 9.6 million trees across over 500 forests in Australia and New Zealand. We also donate to WWF’s “Don’t let nature go to waste” campaign, an initiative that helps clean up plastics that end up in the ocean and waterways.

You’ll receive your order either in a cardboard carton we have recycled and repurposed or a biodegradable & compostable satchel from our friends at Hero packaging.

We understand the importance of reducing waste and promoting recycling, which is why we provide instructions on all of our products for how they can be recycled. Even our plastic pouch products can be recycled, processed and converted into useful items like kids playground mats and outdoor furniture!

Whilst we are not perfect, we are dedicated to improving any way we can.

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