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Childs Farm is an award winning baby & child toiletries brand! Their ethics and values permeate everything produced. From sustainably and responsibly sourced naturally derived ingredients to their 100% recycled ocean prevented plastic bottles: everything we the brand does is with the future of today’s children at the forefront.
The ingredients are natural and naturally derived to soothe and moisturise the delicate and sensitive skin of newborns, babies and children. Made by a mum as a solution for her own daughters' sensitive and eczema-prone skin, every element of our range from content to bottle is thought through to ensure we are best for skin and best for planet, giving you one less thing to worry about as your little one grows up.
Childs Farm consciously minimises their impact on the environment by reducing our packaging, using recycled and recyclable components, and reusing when whenever possible, and as a business are proud to be Carbon Neutral Plus.
Childs Farm creates a positive, inclusive & purposeful workplace for their employees to thrive. Through their supply chain choices the brand helps in the creation of jobs that offer dignity and purpose, and lower levels of poverty for workers in developing nations. They also give back to those most in need with their time, financial support and their voice.

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