About Brand

Church Farm is a brand that’s born out of the passion for growing food, making products from scratch and by hand (without any fake stuff) and supporting our local farmers. Their range includes soaps, small batch sauces and pastes.
The botanical soap is made with solar infused plant-based oils, enriched with natural clays, real botanicals and essential oils. The sauces and pastes featuring fresh ingredients grown organically on their farm and sourced from local farmer friends.
Church Farm story begins back in in 2013 by Andrew Morris and Amanda Callan as they bought a church to live in with their four boys. When they first bought the church, there wasn’t any trees or plants on the property, so they planted loads of native trees, built a bunch of garden beds and started to grow food for their family. It wasn’t long until they had excess chillies, tomatoes, cucumbers, herbs and flowers that we wanted to make good use of. With the excess produce, Andrew would roast vegetables over coals with lemon myrtle leaves and Amanda would infuse the medicinal herbs into oil to make soap with.
Fast track a few years and they now have a stall at the local farmers markets, make everything in our soap factory and commercial kitchen, and are stocked in a bunch of great stores around the country. While this little family business has grown, their products are made the same lovingly, small-batch way. Church Farm doesn’t compromise on ingredients and we don’t outsource any of our production, as they have a team of good humans putting good vibes into everything we make instead.

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