About Brand

CLED ® is derived from the word cycle(d), reflecting the meaning of recycled and upcycled. The brand believes in the circularity of goods, as they continuously reuse objects and transform them into renewable products.
Their story begins with a question. Why is jewelry made of animal materials, minded gemstones extracted from the earth or mass manufactured plastics with low quality? More so, the fashion industry is one of the top pollution contributors in the world. To reduce our environmental impact, our answer is to leverage high-quality existing materials to create upcycled and beautiful pieces.
CLED ® jewelry is presented in both bold accent and modern simplicity and expresses one’s individual characters through their designs. One-of-a-kind, no two gems are alike.
The brand proudly uses sustainable, cruelty-free and discarded materials in their design and production, and values transparency in all aspects of how they do business.

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