About Brand

Cmplt Unknwn was founded with the mission to create collectible products that juxtapose a non-conformist aesthetic with craftsmanship and eco-friendly techniques. This fashion accessories brand come in sophisticated and provocative design made with superior quality.
Cmplt Unknwn pushes the boundaries of traditional artisanship and bring hand-embroidery into the realm of iconic design. They are a vegetarian brand committed to using non-toxic, sustainable, high quality materials, and do not use animal leather, feathers, fur or skin.
Cmplt Unknwn is also a radically inclusive brand devoted to creating positive change and celebrating the diversity of the human condition. They are a global-minded and progressive and believe in equality and the exhilaration of diversity. They have a broad, multidimensional view of beauty and are intolerant of stereotypes related to gender, sexual orientation, body-type, age, race, religion, economic status and anything else that is unfair or oppressive.

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