About Brand

Coconut Matter is a social impact eco enterprise that creates beautiful and healthy beauty products using organic, fair trade virgin coconut oil is the core ingredient. Hand pressed in the Solomon Islands, it provides a livelihood for local communities and protects their rainforests and natural habitat.
Coconut Matter ecolicious range is handmade with a passion for healthy beauty powered with natural ingredients… For sure this gift will drive your beloved one’s coconuts!
For the deodorants you find 5 flavours, one for each mood: Spring, Hero, Zen, Bliss and Free. All of them are blossoming AND they actually work (top rating go check the reviews).
With a strong base of the best wild coconut oil and blossoming ingredients, this range of natural moisturising lipsticks will make you want to lick your lips. That’s exactly why it is important to move to more natural and healthy options. The colours are made for all skin tones, and also you can blend the colour on your fingers and swipe across your cheeks. Now be careful: sexy’ness may bloom out fiercely with these vegan lipsticks/blushsticks!
What makes this brand even more special? Coconut Matter is challenging the beauty industry to go plastic-free with the packaging. The paper tubes feature comfort and are strong in a beautiful design that lifts you up each day on your morning routines.

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