About Brand

ColieCo produces ethically-handmade, sustainable lingerie, underwear and swimwear in an in-house studio in Sagres, Portugal.

The brand's stated aim is to change the way in which people think about ethical and sustainable clothing by creating fun and affordable alternatives to the marketplace's overwhelmingly uninspiring and expensive offerings.

As ColieCo only manufactures in-house, the brand is able to guarantee that everyone involved in the construction of their products is treated fairly, is paid a fair living wage, and works in safe and comfortable conditions. ColieCo also aims to support other independent small businesses, working widely with independent suppliers, and demands that the businesses they work with "recognise the same ethical and environmental standards we demand of ourselves".

ColieCo describes itself as an eco-centric business, and commits to only using sustainable and sustainably-sourced fabrics. Each of the fabrics the brand uses must be made from an inherently sustainable and sustainably processed natural fibre, made primarily from recycled materials, or reclaimed from fashion industry dead stock, line-ends or off-cuts otherwise destined for landfill.

Detailed information about each and every fabric as well as other materials used in the construction of their products can be found on the ColieCo Lingerie website.

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