About Brand

Dame (or D.) is the reusable tampon applicator. It’s like convenience without compromise. It fits seamlessly with all standard sized tampons.
Dame works just like a normal applicator, made of medical grade MedipreneⓇ. BPA free, built to last, so that each one saves up to 12,000 plastic applicators from entering our oceans.
Easy to clean, as it has inbuilt antimicrobial technology keeping Dame applicator hygienic. After use, just rinse, wipe and go. The brand also has its range of organic hypoallergenic, high performing and fully biodegradable tampons (of course synthetic free).
Furthermore, because the founders of the brand know sustainable periods are a luxury and many women don’t have access to the most basic period products, Dame has donated over 100,000 products to charity partners like Bloody Good Period.

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Dame (or D.) The reusable tampon applicator

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