About Brand

A good pair of Merino Wool socks will keep your feet dry and warm, even on the coldest of days. Bred in the most demanding, variable winters of Vermont, Darn Tough socks were made for the cold.
The brand produces nothing but perfection for the every day; eventually these will be the only socks you own. With them you can hunt, hike, run, pace around boardrooms, and occasionally lounge; Darn Tough will be with you every step. Given their superlative design, we suspect Darn Tough produces the world’s most frequently stolen sock.
Made in Vermont, which is to say Made in the USA. Guaranteed for Life and that is no joke. Uncompromised Comfort, Durability + Fit, these Merino wool socks are seriously warm.
Part of the Darn Tough formula is that they use only the finest merino wool available. With standards so high, they work with select partners to obtain premium wool from North America, Europe and Oceania. As part of the Responsible Wool Standard, their partners do not harm their sheep in the shearing process in any way and do not practice mulesing. It’s a natural, sustainable process instead; from wool to sock.

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