About Brand

Darzah is a social enterprise and a truly ethical fashion brand creating handmade Palestinian products featuring traditional tatreez embroidery.
Darzah is set up as a a non-profit, Fair Trade certified organization empowering low-income and refugee women in the West Bank, Palestine, to create employment opportunities and fair trade shoes.
Each Darzah creation is entirely handmade by these talented artisans in the West Bank. The team has grown to include six full-time and 22 part-time workers from Zababdeh and neighboring regions. These women specialize in Palestinian tatreez embroidery, a traditional art form that has been passed down from mother to daughter for centuries. Every tatreez motif holds significant meaning that shares a story in each stitch.
Tatreez embroidery requires an impressive amount of skill and each motif calls for a different set of techniques and materials. For example, the Tatreez Flats take 18 hours or more to embroider, while designs with two or more colors significantly increases the amount of time needed for a motif. Due to the intensive nature of the embroidery style, working for eight continuous hours isn’t feasible, so most of the artisans choose to work from home. This allows them the freedom to simultaneously work on their own schedule and tend to household commitments, such as caring for their families.
For every dollar you spend, 80% will go to providing for the 17,000 hours their artisans dedicate to creating high quality products.

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