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Deadwood makes jackets out of recycled leather, materials that otherwise would have gone to waste. By doing this, the brand has saved 14 million litres of water, 36 thousand waste has been diverted from landfill, plus 560 million of hours of lightbulb saved and 10 million of km in driving emissions avoided.
The brand makes durable garments that will stand the test of time and when they finally wear out actually deserve repairing.
Deadwood leather products are made from rescued deadstock skins, repurposed vintage clothing and upcycled post-production waste. That means for some of their production they actually chop up old leather garments that have reached their expiration date in terms of style and turn them into new beautiful jackets and accessories with a vintage soul. This not only gives the product a soft worn-in feel but also makes it a far more sustainable alternative to the average newly produced leather garment. Other times the brand uses offcuts from the garment industry or rejected skins from the tanneries. An increased number of cut-lines in each garment enable Deadwood to use what otherwise would have gone to waste. And it adds character!
For years the founders of Deadwood have been vocal opponents of the ever so common plastic leather that is being rebranded as "vegan". There had to be a better solution out there for those wanting a truly vegan alternative. The Deadwood team is now proud to present a range of jackets and pants made entirely from a leather-like material derived from organically grown cactus. You heard right, cactus!
The aim with this new material was to create a cruelty free, sustainable alternative, without any toxic chemicals, phthalates and PVC. The result is a durable, organic, sustainable product can replace the use of virgin animal leather and other synthetic materials. The material itself resembles leather to a remarkable degree in terms of elasticity and being customizable and breathable. The plantation is located in Mexico and is fully organic, free from herbicides nor pesticides. All the remaining organic cactus material which is not used in making the cactus leather goes on to being used in the local food industry. It does not get any greener than this.

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