About Brand

Djeco is a brand of eco-friendly imaginative toys for children to develop their observation skills and coordination whilst having fun. From dominoes, matching pairs, fishing, mazes, funny magnets, just looking up their website you’re entering another world!
Whether they have their hands covered in paint or their heads full of blue-sky ideas, over half of their team works on creating new products. Complete freedom of imagination is important to Djeco, to allow fun and even the wackiest ideas to flourish. Like children, Djeco dreams up toys and games that everyone can enjoy, that will give opportunities for dreams, laughter and discovery.
Supported by design specialists - graphic designers, illustrators and inventors - Djeco carries out research, experiment and share ideas…and from this creative fervour are born toys in a thousand and one colours.
Quality, aesthetics, plus the brand are driven by awakening children’s sense of wonder, enriching their imagination, making them want to continue discovering. Djeco puts the finishing touches to their products and boxes with close attention to detail. Step-by-step booklets, little cards, decorative boxes and hints guide children through their activities, plus a range of over 1,000 products, three main product lines (toys and games, decoration, creative pastimes) and new ranges every year.

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