About Brand

Docksmith brings nature into people's high-tech lives with driftwood docking stations for smartphones and tablets.
The brand explores the relationship between the man-made, manufactured gadgets and the naturally-sculpted driftwood. All Docksmith’s pieces are found along the shore, and crafted into beautiful charging stations. Docksmith is a creative space nestled between nature and technology; a way to plug into something real.
Collected and made in Maine, the driftwood and birch for the docks is gathered with the environment in mind. They carefully select wood from the beaches, lakes and forests of Maine that will not disturb eco-systems or natural habitats. The brand also does everything in house, right down to our recyclable packaging.
Their docking stations are minimally processed and made by hand right in their workshop. The only thing that’s outsourced are the Apple and Samsung made cables.

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