About Brand

Duffle & Co is a brand of handcrafted luxury bags designed in New Zealand and ethically made from sustainable materials.
By implementing age-old artisanship techniques and working with small groups of talented craftsmen, each of Duffle & Co bags are meticulously made. Each item is hand signed by the person that made it, and each purchase plants 5 mangrove trees.
In 2015 our founder and CEO Danny found himself meeting craftsmen and their families during his travels through India, Nepal and Indonesia. They all had the same story. They had all lost their jobs working for fashion brands due to the tradeshift to China, and found themselves uneducated, unemployed, and unable to make ends meet. Determined to give these talented craftsmen a fighting chance to support themselves, Danny knew he could connect them with the western world. With his savings he bought 100 leather Duffle bags from a family he’d met, and sent them back to his home in New Zealand. With some good old fashion Kiwi ingenuity, Duffle&Co was born. Today Duffle&Co is run from New Zealand by Danny and his partner Emily, who work to unite ethical production with naturally derived sustainable materials, to bring you handcrafted luxury bags that don’t compromise your values.
Duffle & Co only use premium, full grain and top grain by-product leather, pineapple leather, and GOTS organic cotton canvas that is all sustainably sourced, then carefully hand selected for each bag and accessory by our master craftsman.
Duffle & Co is a certified B Corporation, which means they meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose. The brand is also certified Climate Positive, as they offset our emissions by 120%. They’re using fashion as a force for good. So can you.

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