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Eco by Naty is the leading green nappy brand. The brand provides environmentally aware parents ecological options in personal care products with Naty Babycare and Naty Womencare lines, as well as their eco clothing line.
The brand uses renewable and compostable materials whenever possible. The conventional oil based plastic has been replaced with a plant based material on baby skin. Also, they use compostable or plant based material in their packaging with an independent certification on the renewability of each raw material. Neither the ingredients nor finished products are tested on animals.
Eco by Naty works with selected manufacturers who act responsible and follow their country’s laws and regulations as well as Naty’s specific requirements: code of conduct, working environment, protecting the rights of Manufacturer’s employees, no child labour, minimize impact of environment.
They’re a small entrepreneurial company founded by Marlene Sandberg, a Swedish mother and sustainability champion. Eco by Naty has come this far by constant drive for excellence and determination to make a real change. They are at the edge of the eco development, and determined be so in the future. Over the years the brand has invested millions of dollars in new, groundbreaking technology.
Currently, Eco by Naty is working with state organizations, governments and leading worldwide experts to find joint solutions on better materials and better waste management. As an example: How can we develop a system which allows you to compost your nappy and femcare products at home? And actually, use the soil for your garden? This is not yet allowed as nappy and femcare products contain feces and blood.
But since their aim is to develop compostable nappy and feminine care products, they want to find a solution for you to compost at home. That’s why the brand is also reviewing solutions to equip stores in the cities with industrial compost for these product categories.

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