About Brand

Eco Eyewear began life in 2009 as a line under the umbrella of its multinational parent company Modo. The line was introduced to create consumer awareness about eyeglass frames made from sustainable materials, and Eco claims to be the first sustainable eyewear brand in the world. Eco's frames are available in eyeglass stores across the U.S.

The brand offers frames in various styles made from several sustainable materials – bio-based and crafted from castor seed oil, recycled metal, and recycled ocean-based plastics.

Eco is committed to helping the environment in the following ways:

  • Partner with Waste Free Oceans, an organization working with local fishermen to collect plastic fishing nets, ropes, and trawls from the ocean.
  • By an alliance with Trees for the Future, an NGO that works to educate small farmers on how to practice sustainable farming and forestry by a method called the Forest Garden Approach. So far, over 19,095 forest gardens have been planted.
  • Oversee a movement to help local people all over the world clean up their favorite beaches.
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