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Ecobirdy is a multi-award winning sustainable educational furniture made out of magic flakes, giving plastic toys a new life and empowering kids to care for a more sustainable future.
Surprisingly, toys are the most intensive users of plastics: 90% of toys for babies and toddlers are made out of plastic and have an average lifetime of only 6 months. ecoBirdy was born to give these plastic toys a new life! In the creative and experiential process, children are taught about circular economy.
ecoBirdy starts the journey of recycling the toys of the kids in the schools they visit. When running the programs, they collect old, unused and broken plastic toys into the collection container. By doing so they step into the first stage of learning about plastic waste and recycling.
Charlie is not just a chair. It is the story of thousands of unused toys that have been recycled and redesigned into a comfy ergonomic chair for children starting from 18 months.

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Charlie, the chair. Sustainable educational furniture made out of magic flakes

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