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Have you ever considered the option of changing the search engine you use? You should. Because from now on you can restore the rainforest from your desk. Ecosia is a search engine that plants trees all over the world. It’s a simple choice, a sustainable search engine alternative.
How can you use Ecosia as the main search engine? You can install the free extension (Firefox, Chrome, or Safari) in your browser and just use Ecosia every time you need to find something on the web. There’s a counter that will remind you, how many trees you have planted, which keeps us motivated!
There is a transparent policy at Ecosia, therefore they publish monthly financial reports on how money was spent. It is important to know that the app does not track or sell you data; a big YAY in the current world!
Also, the Ecosia app is now available for mobile download from either Play Store or App Store!

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A green and sustainable search engine alternative

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