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Don Felipe Camarena founded La Alteña distillery over 80 years ago. However, he created more than just a distillery and a tequila, he built a family who puts heart into our work and uses skills that have been passed down through generations.
El Tesoro Tequila composts all of its organic waste and lets 5% of its crop flower to ensure future crops and save the endangered lesser long-nosed bat, which pollinates agave plants. Since most of today's agave is cloned, and it's harvested before it's able to reproduce, this situation leaves the agave gene pool with little to no diversity and an ever-weakening fortitude. Altogether it becomes a risky business for an industry that relies so heavily on the plant (a single plague could potentially wipe out agave as a specie).
The tequila is produced organically and all of the byproducts of the process are composted. From the range produced in this distellery, Casa Noble, is also certified organic and additive-free.

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