About Brand

Emma Aitchinson is an established honest slow fashion jewelry brand based in the UK. They use sustainable production methods and ethical processes in their business.
Emma’s passion for nature and life in all forms is the key source of inspiration for her designs. The sustainable jewelry designer aims to unearth the beauty of varying weather forms to celebrate the slight imbalance of weather patterns can have on our planet. Emma hopes her jewellery acts as a reminder of the beauty and joy nature brings and in turn the ever-pressing need to protect and care for it for future generations.
All the sustainable jewelry materials are 100% recycled and the gems they rarely use are already in circulation so no unethical sourcing in any of their materials.
The brand also makes sure that all of their suppliers have the correct certification for full transparency. They waste nothing as they melt scraps and make them into new jewelry as well as having sustainable packaging. The icing on the cake is that they always contribute 5% of their profits to a given charity.

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